Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big fun in Atlanta


Spent Friday with the SpringMingle folks for Illustrator's Day. As always, what a treat! They always do such a wonderful job & have great guest speakers. This year they had illustrator Will Terry, creative director Chad Beckerman from Abrams, and Diane Hess, executive editor at Scholastic & Blue Sky Press. They were all great! All the participants in the Mentor Program did a wonderful job, and hopefully, they felt as good about the results as I did. I want to thank them all for their efforts.
Carmen Agra Deedy was the keynote speaker that evening, and as always, did not disappoint. There was not a dry eye in the place at the end of her wonderful story.

Those of you out there with ambitions of getting into the children's publishing industry (either as a writer or illustrator) the SCBWI is a wonderful resource and great place to start your quest. If you're in the southeastern part of the US you can contact their regional chapter Southern Breeze and see what's available close to you.

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