Saturday, October 28, 2017

HAPPY HALLOWEEN This is this year's image for the Dawson County Library Campfire Storytelling Festival, traditionally held every time this year. However, after this image was completed & submitted, the festival was moved to the spring of 2018. The theme for the festival will still revolve around scary stories told round the campfire, but will be in the spring, sometime in March. I am really looking forward to creating another image that will better reflect the new springtime setting for this event.
Should be loads of fun and I will definitely post how that progresses.
In the meantime . . . a big BOO to you and yours!

original art 16" x 22", pastel on strathmore bristol, 400 series 4-ply, with some minor digital touches

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Just some fun.
This was a piece I did during my visit to Hollins University last summer while teaching a pastels course.
The assignment was to create an image to communicate a message using a bird and two unrelated objects. One organic, one not.
This one addresses the problem, "How does one manage the challenge of eating while maintaining a roof over their head".

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Last summer I had the privilege of being on the faculty at Hollins University for their graduate program for children's literature and was asked to do demonstration session creating an illustration in pastel. It only seemed appropriate to create a piece that had some relevance to their program based on their famous alum Margaret Wise Brown, the well-known children's book author. It was also appropriate because I thought I could complete the piece in the hour and a half allotted for the demonstration and that their would be ample information there for all the reference needed.

The first step was to do some research regarding Ms.Brown gathering information on her life and career. Like most assignments, I knew very little, beyond the obvious about her.
She led a fascinating and exciting (although short) socialite sort of life, and a very successful professional career as an author, with the highlight authoring, Goodnight Moon.

Co-Chair of the program, Elizabeth Dulemba was present and did a write-up with some photos of the session and posted it on her blog. These are really fun sessions and I hope those present had as much fun as I did.