Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday!

Let the trash-talk begin

National vs. American, East coast vs.West coast, who's better, what ifs, and the recital of statistics all come down to this annual showdown for every football fan. A battle for bragging rights . . . until it all begins again next season. It's become an almost national holiday, in stature, tradition for get togethers. Here's to a great weekend for fun, excitement, food & drink for everyone.
All images from T is for Touchdown, a Football Alphabet, published by Sleeping Bear Press

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Throwback Thursday
In commemoration of this new weekly celebration of our past, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge some of those people in 1984 that gave me some of those first breaks to start my career as an illustrator. I'm very grateful to these people who took a gamble and gave the new kid (pictured here) some work. Dawn, Curt Chuvalas, Lloyd Brooks & Brian Miller. In keeping with the theme I chose Andrea Eberbach and hope she will join in on the fun of this challenge. She was the first illustrator in Indianapolis I met (a fun story in itself) and took me into the fold. Thanks again to Bethanne Hill, Tim Jessell, and Tina Cargill for this wonderful opportunity of the last five days.
Also managed to find a few additional from back then (had to go through slides. Remember them?)



Day four I decided to post some images from my days teaching at the Creative Circus, an advertising school in Atlanta. These images were created for student creative teams for various advertising projects/assignments for their classes. They were a great opportunity to explore new directions, try some new things and work with some incredibly talented and new people in the advertising industry. Many of these people have gone on to do great things in the advertising community and it was a real treat to get to work with them!
In addition to the images posted on Facebook, here are some additional things as well.




The first was for Sleeping Bear Press and their children's book, P is for Peach, a Georgia Alphabet. "O" is for Okefenokee Swamp.The duck was a calendar assignment from a printer in the midwest. The only parameters were that a bowl, the days of month, and some sort of reference to that month be included somewhere in the painting.The small bird was a commission from the Hal Riney agency out west for Saturn Car Company.
And . . . some others I didn't post on Facebook


Monday, January 26, 2015


Recently, friend and fellow ex-Terre Hautean, the incredibly accomplished illustrator, Tim Jessell invited me to participate in the Facebook painting challenge. The challenge consists of posting three images on Facebook for five days and nominating a new artist each day. What a fun opportunity this has turned out to be. It's been fun to revisit some past images, an opportunity to show somethings that maybe a bit unexpected and acknowledge some people I am very grateful to (I already have all the images selected for the five days). All of the images for the second day were assignments that involved portraits of literary related folks.
Harry Potter, Edgar Allan Poe & Cyrano de Bergerac

And some others I didn't post on Facebook